David Parkin gets put in his place and hears about knockers in Harrogate

AN email arrives titled ‘Boy Genius’.

It is from insolvency practitioner Gerald Krasner and the man tasked with unravelling the tangled mess that is Wigan Athletic’s collapse into administration.

If I was in any doubt whether the title of the email referred to me or him, the content swiftly put me right.

“David how nice of you to remember me after all these years. I thought you would have retired years ago. You are obviously younger than you look.”

Ooh dear. Not a good start.

I jokingly mentioned Gerald in last week’s blog and it had been helpfully sent on to him by his colleague at Begbies Traynor, Julian Pitts.

I replied that I was glad he took my comments in the tongue in cheek way they were meant.

And I said I assumed that ‘Boy Genius’ referred to him, not me.

To be fair, his comments about me looking older than my years are true.

I’ve been growing into my looks all my life.

I looked 50 before I was 30.

Which proved very useful when I was a young business journalist sent out to interview captains of industry.

But it didn’t help my ambitions to become a celebrated lothario.

I looked into a career as a sugar daddy instead, but couldn’t afford it.

Back to Gerald’s email.

He continued: “On a more serious note I was too modest to put on my CV that I turned down 6 University offers when 18 deciding to become a Chartered Accountant. Since then I have studied for the last 53 years at the University of Life where I have been taught by some unbelievable characters.”

I replied that I never had any doubt that he could have gone to university and agreed that real world experience and working with interesting characters that you can learn from is much more valuable.

I added that that is why he has such a zest for business and the people involved.

As you can see, I can fawn with the best of them.

Gerald ended his email to me positively, saying: “Stay well and safe.”

That was nice.

But just to be on the safe side I’ll wear a tin hat over my face mask when I go out.

I have filed the email under Insults (Passive Aggressive).

You might think that is an already bulging file but I can assure you that it isn’t.

No, the one marked: Insults (Brutal) is much bigger.


Parky’s video clip of the week


WHAT’S the best and worst thing that’s happened to you during lockdown?

That’s an easy one for TV presenter Steph McGovern.

Best thing: Channel 4 brought forward the launch of her new daily chat show to take advantage of the captive audience confined to their homes because of the pandemic.

Worst thing: The suspension of The Steph Show until the end of lockdown.

Originally planned as a one hour show in front of a live audience from a new Channel 4 studio at Leeds Dock, the former BBC Breakfast host agreed to film episodes of the programme from her home in Harrogate during the coronavirus crisis in order to focus on positive and uplifting human interest stories.

But that format was canned after just a month because viewers found something more positive and uplifting to do.

Like clear out their garage or watch reruns of Supermarket Sweep on Challenge TV.

Actually, the reason given by Channel 4 for the show’s hiatus was that filming at Steph’s home in Harrogate had caused logistical difficulties as some of her neighbours had raised concerns about vehicles and staff arriving at the property.

I’m sure that was a factor.

But other things didn’t help.

Like the remote location, technical issues and a presenter clearly not at ease with the format.

It all made for uncomfortable viewing.

Although not as uncomfortable as it must have been when the decision to can the programme was delivered to Steph.

Her partner, Sinead Rocks, is managing director of nations and regions for Channel 4 – and so also her boss.

Apparently there were reports that Steph’s neighbours were so hacked off with the hassle of having a TV show broadcasting from their street that they started ringing her doorbell while the programme was going live.

I wish I had seen that bit, it would have at least made it watchable.

But how can we be sure that it was Harrogate residents who were cherry knocking round at Steph’s?

Well if they were wearing red trousers, Schoffel gilets or athleisure wear with sunglasses on the top of their heads, then it’s a nailed on certainty.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Seems like you and I have more in common than DCFC David. Many moons ago at a dinner party the hostess asked some mutual guests (who hadn’t met me before) to guess my age. They said 42. I was 26 at the time. Hey Ho.

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